An electric car with a vintage appearance

An electric car with a vintage appearance

American automaker Olympian Motors introduces its new electric car with a distinctive retro style. Blending fine aesthetics, high quality, and functionality, the automobile adopts a vintage look, taking us some decades back. Its chubby shape will definitely catch passersby’s attention, while its minimalistic interior is designed for those who wish for tranquillity and simplicity.

Functional minimalism as a focal point

Surrounded by screens all day long, from phones to tablets and laptops, the Olympian interior drives us away from the distractions of day-to-day life. To achieve that, it suggests a relaxing and enhanced driver and passenger experience, that avoids extra buttons and screens. Instead, the luxurious minimalist design combines advanced technology with natural elements, such as a voice-first command and control.

According to the designers, the car is inspired by the traditional Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, a world view centered on the acceptance of imperfection. Therefore, the result sees a pure balance of nature, minimalism, and aesthetics, all whilst coming in a sustainable package.

FOTOGRAFÍA: Olympian Motors
Providing safety and security

Olympian is designed to increase impact protection and keep the passengers and drivers secure. The optimal scenario is to avoid accidents. Hence, the automakers strategically positioned the battery pack to improve handling. However, in case of a crash, the frame offers solid structural rigidity, as it is made of military-grade carbon fiber and titanium. Additionally, the cabin features up to nine airbags and can accommodate two car seats with anchors in the rear, while the glass canopy and windows are laminated, providing high resistance. 

FOTOGRAFÍA: Olympian Motors

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