Vanity Fair presents MetaVanity, the first museum in the Metaverso and an unparalleled publishing project

Vanity Fair presents MetaVanity, the first museum in the Metaverso and an unparalleled publishing project

Built based on the model of the Pantheon in Rome, it will be revealed at the Venice Biennal
For its debut, it will host 19 of the most acclaimed international crypto artists

Milan, 21 April 2022 – A place where you learn and experiment. A space that amplifies your storytelling capability. An original publishing scene to renew information and entertainment. All this is MetaVanity, Vanity Fair‘s first museum in the Metaverso, a cultural outpost presented as part of the Venice Biennale.

MetaVanity is the third chapter in Vanity Fair‘s adventures in the Metaverse. The first came about last year, with the NFT cover dedicated to Elodie and the second in February, with the debut of Vanity Player One, the magazine’s avatar that starred in a fashion shoot. The third, MetaVanity, is an even more ambitious project.

MetaVanity was built by seeking inspiration from the Pantheon in Rome. That’s how it looks: an impressive central space, topped with a open dome just like the monument, and 12 exhibition halls where knowledge and entertainment can be experienced in original ways. A major show is revealed inside with 19 of the top names on the international crypto and digital art scene, from Skygolpe to Jesse Draxler, Luna Ikuta and Quasimondo. Visitors will be able to move freely between their works and installations, as well as using them in ways that would be unthinkable in a traditional cultural environment.

FOTOGRAFÍA: Cortesía larafacco.com

«In this space, where creativity has no bounds, all the excellence, uniqueness and stories that Vanity Fair has always communicated on its pages, websites and social media channels are all celebrated», declares Simone Marchetti, editor in chief of Vanity Fair. «This show is only the beginning, the prelude of a work that aims to become the frontier of a new evolution of experience, knowledge, information and entertainment».

MetaVanity and the exposition where its debut is taking place were created in partnership with Valuart, Vanity Fair‘s partner since the start of this digital adventure. To visit it, just download the Hadem app on your electronic devices, which is available for free on all platforms. Hadem was programmed entirely in Unreal 4 (the graphic engine behind Epic Games, the company that developed the Fortnite video game), so as to maximize the aesthetic impact of the artistic installations in the museum’s various pavilions, while making the experience fully immersive for visitors. Hadem also will be available soon in the Oculus version, the revolutionary visor that provides even more exciting involvement.

FOTOGRAFÍA: Cortesía larafacco.com

«MetaVanity is Hadem’s first spin in what we are certain will be our dimension as a team, company, and creative and intellectual ecosystem», comments Etan Genini, CEO and co-founder of Valuart. «With MetaVanity, Vanity Fair has known how to embrace fully the founding values of the cultural revolution that is emerging at the moment. This enabled us to host some of today’s most extraordinary creative minds, leaving them free to work in full respect of their story and becoming the lifeblood of a container that wants to do everything except “contain”, but rather free experiences into the ether and give visitors the chance to immerse themselves, live and discover what so many people are talking about, only some truly study and, unfortunately, only very few are attempting to support».

The participating artists are Max Papeschi, Emanuele Dascanio, Quasimondo, Matt Kane, Skygolpe, Coldie, Jesse Draxler, Federico Clapis, Edo Bertoglio, Mimmo Dabbrescia, neurocolor, Billelis, Fabio Giampietro, Vhils, Kyle Kemink, Luna Ikuta, Dangiuz, Gammatrace, and Stefano Contiero.

Thanks to: Bialetti, who participated to the MetaVanity press conference by offering its guests the opportunity to taste the typical aromatic bouquet of a real Italian espresso. Bialetti, known worldwide for inventing the moka pot, is the past few years has also excelled in producing quality coffee blends, managing all the roasting stages internally.

FUENTE: larafacco.com
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